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Introductory offer with rates guaranteed for 1 year.*
Amazon UK offers a premium shipping service at competitive prices. Amazon Shipping will pick up your parcels 7 days a week, and deliver them to your customers.

Competitive Rates

No Extra Fees, No Surprises

delivery you can count on

Get a quote and start shipping in days with our easy-to-understand rates.
We don’t charge extra fees for residential delivery, peak fees, or to deliver on weekends.
Our Next Day service is highly reliable and fully tracked.

No contractual obligation

One Shipping service

Dedicated Shipper support

If you change your mind, you can cancel your Amazon Shipping services at any time.
Ship orders from your own website and other channels, starting from 10 parcels a day.
Getting started is easy. Our dedicated Shipper Support will help you get started and troubleshoot.

What our shippers are saying

Amazon Shipping is a real boost for my business. Reliable, consistent performance and a dedicated support team if needed.”
- An Online Retailer selling a wide range of product categories

“Amazon Shipping is a cost effective next day parcel solution with superb coverage across the UK.”
- An Online Home & Garden Retailer
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*Promotion is available to shippers who have not yet registered with Amazon Shipping. Rates apply to all parcels shipped with Amazon Shipping within first 12 months of joining and subject to periodic volume commitment review. Rates subject to change if average volumes fall outside of required volume tier. Rates exclude VAT and other taxes that are payable by the shipper. Rates increase to the next higher parcel band when any measure (length, width, height or weight) exceeds the maximum allowed for the lower parcel band. Large Letter volumes must not exceed 40% of volume.